Winter Gardening in Ohio

Transitioning from the bounty that fall offers to snow-covered garden beds can be hard for devoted gardeners. While you may not harvest much during the cold Ohio winter months, you can still put your green thumb to use.

Here are some of our best tips to help make the best of winter gardening in Ohio:

Consider Cold Frames

If you want to extend your garden for a few extra months, consider building cold frames –a simple raised box with a clear top that will allow light to shine in. Plant vegetables like broccoli and lettuce that tend to do better in colder temperatures.

These cold boxes will give you a jump start on your spring planting as all!

Bring Your Garden Indoors

Why not start an indoor garden? Growing herbs is a great way to enjoy gardening through the winter while also producing flavorful fresh herbs you can add to your meals. Considering a window box with parsley, oregano and basil.

Give Yours Tools Some TLC

While it isn’t as exciting as growing fruits and vegetables, your gardening tools need care too. The winter months are the perfect time to give your tools a good scrub and sterilization. Sharpen any blades you may utilize and give wood handles a light coating of oil to keep them from drying out. When you are finished, hang everything to dry and you’ll be ready to get started once spring arrives!

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