The Best Crops to Plant in Ohio

When it comes to planting crops in Ohio, you should know that we are considered zone 6. Knowing this will allow you to properly plan which crops will do best considering our climate and weather.

If you’re ready to start planting vegetables to enjoy all year round, here are the best crops to choose based on the season:

Winter & Spring (Cool Season)
·     Beets
·     Cabbage
·     Cauliflower
·     Lettuce & Spinach
·     Parsnips
·     Turnips
·     Radishes
·     Peas
·     Parsley

Summer & Fall (Warm Season)
·     Beans
·     Peppers
·     Eggplants
·     Cucumber
·     Peppers
·     Tomatoes
·     Sweet Corn
·     Summer Squash
·     Strawberries (Spring)
·     Blueberries (Spring)
·     Blackberry (Fall)
·     Raspberries (Fall)

Understanding what crops will thrive based on the season will allow you to have a beautiful bounty of fruits and vegetables to enjoy at all times.

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