Seasonal Fruits for Summer

The summer season offers a variety of fresh fruits to enjoy! Here we break down some of the most popular summer fruits as well as their benefits:

Lemon and Lime: A great source of Vitamin C, both lemons and limes are great fruits to add to your diet! Vitamin C can help reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease and lower blood pressure while also providing many benefits for the skin. Consider adding sliced lemon and/or lime to your water for a refreshing yet hydrating drink. Squeezing fresh limes and lemons make a wonderful addition to seafood dishes or even a simple salad dressing! 

Mango: A delicious stone fruit packed with nutritional benefits! Mangos are a low-calorie fruit with high levels of antioxidants. Mangos can help improve immunity, digestive health and can even support your eye health. While this fruit is enjoyable all on its own, you can add it to smoothies, salsas, salads, and more!

Peaches: A yummy summer staple! Peaches are packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Peaches contribute to allergy relief, aid in digestion, and can improve heart health. Peaches are a unique fruit in that they can be eaten raw or you can bake, grill, broil, or sauté in a variety of warm or cold dishes. Add to your yogurt, desserts, or salsas too!

Watermelon: A true summer classic. Watermelon boasts a huge water content that will help keep you hydrated in the hot sun! The vitamins and antioxidants found in watermelon can help lower inflammation, relieve muscle soreness, and improve digestion and skin. Enjoy this fruit itself or consider adding it to your water for extra hydration or as a sweet touch to a savory salad. 

We hope everyone has a safe and delicious summer!