Seasonal Farm to Table

Enjoying that true farm to table experience isn’t always available all year found. But, come fall, there is ample opportunity to enjoy a variety of seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Eating fruits and vegetables that are in season tend to provide the freshest and most flavorful product. Here are 5 Ohio fruits and vegetables that grow in late fall that are worth adding to your mealtimes:

Once the leaves start to change, it goes without saying that apple season has arrived! Whether you purchase in store or go to a nearby orchard to pick them yourselves, apples are a fall staple in Ohio.

Did you know, corn is one of Ohio’s most valuable crops? Throughout the fall months, fresh picked corn is a sweet and versatile addition to any meal. Eat it alone, add it to a side dish or make it into a delicious salad.


Many Ohio farms have the freshest tomatoes during the fall season. Head to the farm for a fun day of picking and bring home to enjoy your tomatoes in soup, sauces, salads and more. You can even jar your sauces and enjoy these tomatoes for months to come!

Fall is the perfect time to pick winter squashes. Whether you prefer butternut, acorn or kabocha, these delicious squash varieties pack a vitamin punch and are a great addition to your fall meals.

These days, cauliflower is all the rage. Get the freshest picks throughout the fall season. Known for its low calorie count and high levels of potassium and vitamin C – enjoy it in a traditional sense or make your own cauliflower pizza crust, rice and more!

Not only is eating fresh grown fruits and vegetables a healthy habit for your family, it also helps the local economy. Head to your local farms for a fun family day and enjoy these picks all season long!

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