Ohio Winter Gardening To Do List

With the winter season upon is, it’s important to do an assessment of your plants, shrubs and other greenery. While it may not be planting season here in Ohio, there is much to do to before the temperature drops to keep everything flourishing come springtime.

Roses: If you have roses on your property, now is the time to clean up the rose beds. While spring is the best time for pruning, take the steps now to clean and rake the beds, discarding any dead leaves, stems or flowers.

Evergreens: It’s important to keep evergeens well-watered throughout the fall to reduce the potential for foliage damage when the temperate drops. If rain is scarce, be sure to water once per week until the ground freezes.

Shade Trees: Strong winter sunshine and temperature fluctuations can cause sunscald to newly planted shade trees. Consider wrapping these trees during the fall season in an effort to preserve them during the winter months.

Houseplants: The growth rate of houseplants slows during the winter months. Reduce your water and fertilization routines until late April or May when growth resumes. When the soil feels dry, we recommend watering your houseplants thoroughly until the water drains into the saucer. Empty the saucer to avoid stagnant water which can lead to root rot. If you are unable to lift your plant from the saucer, try using a baster to remove excess water.

Live Christmas Tress: If you enjoy a live, balled and burlapped Christmas tree, prepare it’s new home before the ground freezes. Dig a hole and fill it will straw. This is help avoid freezing. Store the soil in a garage or shed so you have it when you are ready to plant your tree after the holiday.

Pesticide Storage: It’s important that pesticides are stored at optimal temperatures to avoid breakdown of the chemical as well as bursting if the liquid is frozen. Package your pesticides in a plastic container, in a location away from food, children and pets and where the temperature will stay above forty degrees.

Do you have any tips for winter gardening in Ohio? We’d love to hear your go-to tricks! Tell us in the comments!