How to Propagate Your Favorite Plants

While it can seem difficult to do, propagating your favorite plants could actually be a simple process. We recommend starting with easier indoor plants such as pothos, spider plant, jade plant, begonia, geranium and African violet.


What You’ll Need:

  • Plant of choice
  • Scissors
  • Glass container filled with room temperature water or a small pot filled with soil (water or soil propagation will depend on what plant you are using)


For this example, we’ll explain the process to propagate a pothos plant.


  1. On a mature vine, look for a brown root node found below the leaf or stem/vine juncture. Snip a few inches of stem before the node and include a node or two in your cutting.
  2. Remove any leaves that are close to the node.
  3. Place your cutting in the glass container and put in a spot that receives bright to moderate indirect light.
  4. Keep a close eye and be patient. Add fresh water as needed. If the water begins to look murky, dump it out and replace the water.
  5. Wait until the root is at least 1 inch or longer to transplant your cuttings. This process could take between 4-6 weeks. Don’t keep your plant in water for too much longer than this as the water lacks nutrients to continue growing over time.


Remember, propagation will not always be successful on the first few tries. We encourage you to get started and keep up with it. It will be a rewarding experience when it does work out in the end!


Do you have tips for propagating plants? Let us know in the comments!