4 Tips for planting in the fall

Most people tend to believe that Spring and Summer is the ideal time for planting, the truth is, native seed plantings perform best when installed in the late Fall.

When soil temperatures fall below 50 degrees, the seeds can go through a natural stratification process which encourages germination come springtime. This time over the winter months allows a strong root system to develop and in turn, will require less maintenance in the spring and summer months.

The key to successful planting is proper preparation. Here are our top tips for Fall planting in Ohio:

  1. Remove undesirable plants – This includes weeds and dead vegetation. The goal is to have the seedlings make direct contact with the soil. Removing any unwanted plants will allow the seedlings to grow their roots uninterrupted in the soil.
  2. Keep soil disturbance to a minimum – While weeding, it’s important to not go too deep. Tilling or digging up the soil too much will bring the existing weed seed to the surface where it will germinate. If the weed seeds stay deep in the soil, it shouldn’t impact your new seedlings.
  3. Purchase your seeds now – Understanding what your goals are will allow you to find the best seed mix. Whether you want to attract bees or birds, or want to find the best mix for your soil type, do your research to understand what you want and purchase that now. Store in a cool, dry place until ready to sow.
  4. Sow your seed – Once the temperatures drop below 50 degrees, it’s time to get seeds into the soil!

By following these tips, you are setting up your garden for success. Put in the work now and enjoy the beauty come Spring!

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Happy Fall!